Cheap Self Catering Accommodation in Franschhoek

As a young family you have to be careful about the way you spend money – you cannot afford to blow it on expensive holidays. At the same time you feel that you all need a break at least once a year and you have been trying to find a holiday that you can afford. Have you looked into Franschhoek in South Africa? This is an excellent beach side location where you can be sure that you will get to relax and have fun. The best thing about it is that you can find cheap self catering accommodation.
Self catering accommodation is different from hotel accommodation in many ways. The first is that you get an entire property to yourselves. In Franschhoek you can rent either a cottage or a villa depending on how much room you need. These properties are built for luxury – they come fully furnished with tasteful, comfortable furniture and you get amenities such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi and more. You will get a master bedroom that is en-suite as well as several other bedrooms and bathrooms. You haveWi-Fi in every room and there are several satellite TV’s around the property.
The other difference between self catering accommodation and hotel bookings is that you get to prepare your own meals. This may sound like a deal breaker but stop and consider the benefits. You will not have to spend a fortune paying for meals off a hotel menu – they are expensive because hotels make most of their money through food. You also eat what you want when you want – you can get fresh supplies from the local market and prepare whatever you desire.
Trianon is one of the best self catering facilities in Franschhoek. It is a 4 bedroom villa that is luxuriously furnished. You can find out how to book on their website,