Cheap Self Catering Accommodation in Franschhoek

Money has become a concern for the average person who wants to go on holiday – most of the top destinations are beyond reach and a big part of that can be attributed to the cost of hotel accommodation. If you plan to go to Franschhoek this year you are in luck. There is self catering accommodation available that is highly affordable – you will pay a fraction of what you would in a hotel, which means that you can stay even longer than you planned to.
Never heard of self catering accommodation? It is an up and coming trend that works much the same way that AirBnB does, only that the properties are only used to accommodate guests year round. You can rent a cottage, a home or a villa and for the duration of your stay the whole property will be yours. How different is this from staying at home? For one, you will be in one of the best tourist locations in South Africa with great beaches to explore and views to enjoy.
For another, these properties are designed to compete with hotels, so you get everything that you would want on holiday. The properties have pools, Jacuzzis, a barbecue spot and they are tastefully furnished with everything that you would need for a wonderful holiday.
The only difference is that you prepare your own meals. That may sound like a damper – who wants to take time off to cook when they could be out there having fun? When you stop to think about it you will see that it makes a lot of sense. Food is one of the highest costs that you incur when you are on holiday, and you can slash that significantly if you prepare your own.
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