Qualities Every Education Counsellor Should Have

Being an education counselor is never an easy task. Education counselors don’t have sufficient time to address the needs of students because of their presence in large numbers. This profession is very rewarding to those who are intending to pursue it, considering the impact it has on students. The following are the traits every education counselor should possess:

Should be a good listener

The job of an education counsellor involves more about listening. As an education counselor, you will have to listen to parents, students, and even some members of the faculty. Counselors spend most of their time listening and figuring out information disclosed to them by other people. As an education counselor, you should learn to listen first and then ask questions afterward. If you need further clarification on a particular subject, you should speak up, and at the same time, you should let the person know that you were keen on what he or she said in the first place. Listening trait is very crucial for every education counselor.

Capacity to assess

Education counselors are entitled to make precise assessments of their students to get them prepared for life even after school. If you are planning to work in a high school setting, you should able to precisely assess the success of a student and problems they may encounter when making college choices. A good education counselor should be able to make assessments correctly and report his or her findings to his or her clients as this is an essential element of counseling.

Excellent communication skills

A good education counselor should have excellent communication skills. He or she should be able to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings by word of mouth in a manner that the involved parties can understand. When counseling a student, you have to inform him about what is he or she needs to do to improve on a particular subject or steps to take to achieve the targeted goal. Being able to share your assessment with your students by word of mouth is very fundamental.


An education counselor should be ready and willing to accept and embrace diversity since most of the students come from different backgrounds. Since the students come from all races and all kind of families and assisting the learners in sticking and embracing their diversity in a school setup is very vital to the success of the counselor.

Be able to coordinate

Education counselors in most schools act as coordinators for various programs and activities. A good counselor should have the capacity to coordinate administrative tasks, college visits, among other duties. Ensuring all these tasks are running smoothly is one of the traits that make a counselor successful.

Should have good evaluation skills

Counselors spend most of their time trying to evaluate test scores and administering tests to learners. They should be able to precisely evaluate and translate the learner’s results to discuss their academic performance. A competent education counselor should be able to evaluate the student’s results on papers and consider other factors that are not part of the exam.

The discussed above are the traits every education counselor should have.