4 New Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures A Richmond Dentist Can Do For You

In recent times dentist have been able to do an increasingly high amount of cosmetic procedures that could not be performed by a general Richmond dentist before. Now there are a plethora of things that can be done by your family dentists. There are numerous things in dentistry that go well beyond fixing medically important things. There is a demand that has exceeded the ability for a cosmetic dentist for fill that demand. Therefore, these cosmetic procedures have found their way into virtually every single dentist office that you can find. These procedures can drastically improve the appearance of your smile. Below is a list of these procedures that can be performed by virtually any dentist around the country.

#1 – Tooth Re-Alignment

Having teeth that are misaligned can produce severe self-esteem problems. Often times these come in the form of a single tooth and not the entire set of teeth. For these problems, braces are not needed. Just a simple realignment of one tooth can make a major difference in your smile.

#2 – Veneers

Veneers are one of the hottest and most popular means of fixing a smile. Veneers are much more effective at whitening teeth than any type of teeth whitening procedure that you can think of. They place a permanent film over your teeth that will prevent them from discoloring regardless of diet and oral hygiene.

#3 – Braces

Braces are great for people who has an entire set of teeth that are suffering from alignment issues. Things such as clear braces and traditional braces fix this problem to the point of smile perfection.

#4 – Tooth Bridging

The bridging of teeth is for individuals for are missing a large number of teeth but do not need dentures. Bridges last a long time and make a full set of teeth look natural.